Directed by Mark Daniels (from legendary Acid Jazz/Trip Hop band Marden Hill – which sometimes features yours truly) and Matt Lipsey (BAFTA award-winning director of Little Britain, and British Comedy Award winner for Psychoville among lots of other stuff such as Armstrong & Miller), this video for my song MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS was shot in ‘87 on a budget of £100. Not bad considering this was long before we could do this stuff on a camcorder and a Mac! Featuring me failing to look like a boxer! CLICK THE TITLE TO VIEW:


  1. Hi Simon!
    Bloody hell – great to hear from you. Yes I still see almost everyone so i’ll say hello for you. And I’ll have a look at your site..

    You on facebook??



  2. Kev,
    I am on facebook but very rarely use it what with MSN, Skype and all the other software that allows me better access to contact my personal friends.

    Would it be possible for you to email me a copy of the video as youtube doesn’t allow me to save it?

    Great to see that you arer still in the music scene.

    All the best for now

  3. Hi Simon
    OK – I’ll have to dig it out and convert it to make it emailable. Remind me if you don’t’ get it in a few days! Yep, still in the music scene. Just about to release a couple of tracks on itunes via Caitlin records actually. ‘What’s the Use’ and ‘Night Blind’ – they’re on myspace.com/kevsaunders.


  4. Kev,
    Thanks for that, got it OK… by hell it takes you back!
    I’ll check out the new tracks you have on myspace.
    All the best for now…